Newsletter #3

  • Gregory Lepinard

Dear students and families,
What great news I have to tell you! We didn’t expect it any more!
Our application for the Erasmus project has been accepted!!! We are so happy about this! It means we will be able to take our activities a step further and especially meet each other! There is a lot of work to do but we’re so excited! We’ve already created a committee to start planning ahead.

In November in France, we discovered the stereotypes Norwegians had about us and it sparked some reactions. Mostly, they said we were nice people, so sweet of them! Here is an example of a survey they’ve made:

“The people in our grade think that France is a pleasant and beautiful country with great people. Some were also reminded about the
national stereotype of France being miming along with great football stars as well as fantastic food. Some also want to travel to France in order to visit different stores. “

We are now preparing podcasts that will be released hopefully in December to let you know exactly what stereotypes are true or false and we’ll highlight our common points thanks to what we already know from our previous activities together! A video about our findings on vikings is in the making too.

Meanwhile, in Norway, they are now discovering what the French said about them too! Have we been as nice?...
Looking forward to giving you more information about Erasmus activities,

Miss Labiche,
English teacher in Charles Tellier high school,
in charge of the Common Heritage project.


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