Newsletter #4

  • Gregory Lepinard

Dear readers,

This is the class of 1€. This month, we have wonderful news!
The logo of our common project has been decided for the Erasmus project! The winner is
the French design. Congratulations to Guilhem and Camille! We will now add this logo along
with the EU community’s on our newsletter as our project has become official on the 20th of
Our class is currently working on a slideshow presenting companies who have a Viking logo
and learning about Vikings in movies and TV series. We are also doing a survey to find out
what kids in elementary schools know about Vikings. So, we’re all about vikings lately!
Our video about vikings history has been shared with our friends too and our podcasts are

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So, we wish you a Merry Christmas and some great moments with your family!
Enjoy your winter holidays!

The class of 1€.


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