Newsletter #2

  • Gregory Lepinard

Dear Norpeople (people from Normandy and Norway), In October, a lot was happening in the Common Heritage project! It was very exciting!
First, there was the logo competition taking place in both schools.

Here is the logo that won in Charles Tellier high school: Congratulations to Camille and Guilhem who have worked together on this! We’re still waiting for the winner in Austbø skole to find out which one will represent our project! We thank all the students who took part in the contest.

In the meantime in France, we’ve talked a lot about Vikings with the help of our museum visit in Caen. We learnt a lot about them. We had a worksheet to fill in with information to find in the museum and we discussed the answers afterwards. We learned about how Vikings have influenced our life and still do nowadays.


Finally, both schools made surveys on stereotypes we have on each other. Norwegian students actually asked people questions to get a lot of answers and French students created posters about the stereotypes they have on Norwegians people and their country: for example they're all rich and blond and they have wonderful landscapes with Northern lights. They also talked about their friends’ beliefs in Northern mythology and their gods like Thor, Odin, Loki, as we learnt about them in the museum. We’re now expecting the results from these surveys: are the stereotypes we have all true? Wait and see..

Hoping you find this interesting,
Students of the 1€ class in Charles Tellier.


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