Dear Norpeople (people from Normandy and Norway)

  • Gregory Lepinard

Last year, we started a written exchange between students in Charles Tellier high school in Normandy and Austbø skole in Stavanger, Norway. We shared information like our traditions, our celebrations, we made Christmas cards, for example. We want to meet each other and, to do so, we are applying for a Erasmus grant to finance our mobilities. While waiting for an answer from the European Union, we’ve decided to start our project, calledCommon Heritage. We will keep you up to date thanks to a monthly newsletter like this one to share our activities, questions and findings about this project.

To start with, we are hosting a contest to create the project’s logo, which needs to include the colors of the French and Norwegian flags as well as the European community. The letters C and H also need to appear for Common Heritage. The competition is open to any students in our school and we will vote for the best logo at the beginning of October.

On the 28th of September, French students from 1ère Euro will go the the Normandy museum in the city of Caen to see the exhibition called “Vikings and Normands: representations and imaginaries”. We hope to find some elements of our common history and ancestors there. But, for now, we’re exposing the preconceived ideas we have on each other. The Norwegians eat salmon and enjoy the northern lights, don’t they? What about the French? How are they perceived in Norway? That’s what we’re
about to discover..

Looking forward to giving you the updates next month! Sincerely,
Students from 1ère Euro in Charles tellier high school.


Students from 1ère Euro in Charles tellier high school


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